The Theory of Evolution

My bike has ended up being a testbed for many different performance parts
as well as just a place to add some cosmetic mods:

Exhausts: Micron to Erion to Moriwaki's & now Sato's
Ohlins forks & rear shock/Ti spring &
Shock Bearing, Moriwaki link
Dan Kyle Link, PVM wheels, Scotts damper, Sprint Damper
HyperPro Damper,
Ohlins Damper, Kevlar lines, PCII/custom
map, PCIIIr/custom map Zero Gravity Dbl Bubble, My own brand of ROGUE Works screen Powerbronze screen, Zero Gravity screen
Rogue Works Bump Pad Sprocket Specialists & AFAM gearing
HRC brake pads, HRC Pistons (sold spare motor), Arrow rearsets
Gilles rearsets
Sato rearsets, Vortex fuel cap, Vortex clip-ons,
PVM clip-ons, Sato clip-ons, QB-Carbon fender, Dussault hugger
,Dussault undertail Sharkskinz bodywork, OPP Carbon Fiber/Kevlar bodywork Moriwaki radiator scoops, Pacific Auto Trim "RVT" graphic removal wing kit & some other Fi system items that are shall we
say unique in design

Very Special Thanks to:
Dan Kyle
Mr. Sato & Mikiko

Robert Dussault
G-man the Vinylator








New parts & a paint job coming soon


Oops! (Mid America Motorplex 06/21/03)
no worries though restoration has begun














Older Pics

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