Dussault Hugger

Available from Graphic Art Moto Design


Originally Robert shipped the hugger to me with two different types of mounting kits. One utilizes Riv-Nuts & the other using Rubber Grommets similar to what we use to secure the windscreens to the bike. Unfortunately UPS decided I didn't need the Riv-Nut kit & decided to tear a hole in the box so the Riv-Nuts could escape the impending doom of being fastened to my bike for all eternity. Either way I believe the Rubber Grommets are more than adequate for the job at hand plus with my experience with Riv-Nuts the grommets will also be the simpler of the two way to mount the hugger.

This page will be updated frequently within the next week as I continue to gather data and maybe come up with some solutions to any issues that might come up.

1st step was to flip the brake line mounting bracket 180 degrees to swing it out & away from the hugger. It still remains to be seen if the bracket will clear the Sato high mounts due to arrive on Tuesday, but it does not clear the Moriwaki High Mounts.


2nd step was to place the hugger on the swingarm & move it into the proper position then I marked the swingarm with a small screwdriver to scratch through the black paint in the places I wanted to drill. I quickly learned that I needed to make the holes in different size steps or the metal would burr up. I used:

a size 11 (.191) bit

a 1/4" bit

& finished with a 3/8" bit

The only real problem with the drilling is the hole at the top of the swingarm as there is not enough room to get a drill & bit straight into the frame because the undertail hangs so low right there, so rather than removing the undertail I grabbed a 3/8 countersink bit & used it as a drillbit (worked very well)

Using the 3 different bits drilling was quick & easy

3rd step was just inserting the rubber grommets into the holes

& to Finish simply bolt the hugger into place.


First impressions:

This is truly a gorgeous piece of work. The ABS is of better construction than any OEM panels I have seen & the paint appearance is professional grade. I am very impressed.


The mounting design Robert has chosen is very stable & actually pretty easy to do, (once you get past the drilling into your swingarm idea). I love this hugger! I've never been overly fond of bolt-on accessories with no real function, but this hugger has really grown on me & many others have commented that it looks great on the bike too! the added benefit of it helping to protect my new Ohlins shock is just additional incentive & assurance for me. Another great product from Robert Dussault!


Update: 09/13/01

After having used the hugger for a couple months including a few rides through severe thunderstorms I can say that I have never been more delighted with a bolt on product. The hugger does indeed keep the extra crud off my shock & reduces overspray tremendously & the more I look at it the more I like it!