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The custom maps here make great starting points for many exhausts on the market, even if you have chosen an exhaust that there is no custom map currently available for, simply download one of the appropriate maps for either your RC51 or your SP1 & give it a try. Typically the custom maps available (even the ones not specifially made for your exhaust) produce more hp (at the expense of mileage btw) throughout the rev range than the Dynojet brand specific maps. It only takes a few seconds to upload them to your PCII so take a few minutes & test a few of them & if you find something that works well then use that map as a baseline & start fine-tuning it from there.

Basic Instructions courtesy of Dynojet


Honda RC51 (VTR1000SP)

Table 1 AAP Absolute Air Pressure (barometric pressure sensor)
This table can be used to add or remove fuel from 5% through 100% throttle. The maximum value for adding fuel is "9". The maximum value for removing fuel is "-35". Due to limitations of the sensor it is not possible to add more fuel than a value of "9 Even with a full exhaust installed most of the RC51's fuel curve needs to be "leaned out". This is not a problem using this table.

Table 2 TP (throttle position)
This table can be used to add fuel at throttle settings between 2% and 80% if Table 1 does not allow the desired fuel ratio. Unless the motor has been heavily modified it should not be necessary to use this table.

Table 3 MP (manifold pressure/vacuum)
Not normally used on this bike, but can be used to alter the fueling below 5% throttle to solve off idle stumbles with certain exhausts.

Table 4 Ignition
Adjustment for ignition timing is +/- 11 degrees. Timing is adjustable from 2,000 rpm to redline at all throttle positions. On street bikes with normal fuel, advancing the timing does little to improve power. It is possible on some models to achieve small gains as long as the highest octane fuel available is used.


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