Dussault's prototype is the Shiznit!

Like all the other undertray's I have seen it required some cutting of the stock undertray, but the end result is well worth it.

It even works with the unconventional Sato exhaust hangers although it does rub the hanger right onto the undertail, but that is 100% preferable than having to cut on it to make it fit!. I've discussed this with Robert & he is going to look into a possible adhesive backed layer to put on the hanger rails to keep them from scuffing

Not only are all the lights LED's but there is an additional amber LED inside the brake light that works in conjunction with the side turn signals! Robert did this intentionally to help insure that no matter what exhaust configuration you are running that your turn signals will be visible.

The pics on my bike show the clear lenses, but the brake lights are also available in red & the turn signals are available in amber

Cost will be $339

& they should be available about the 3rd week in December from

update 02/10/03:

after experimenting with about 8 different ways to secure the tail I finally settled on some push clips available from Autzone:

RIVET-TITE brand part # 47952:
black nylon .230 dia screw rivet

I put the tail on & lined everything up & tightened all the bodywork, then picked a drill bit that fit the holes in the Dussault undertail & drilled straight into the stock undertray to widen the holes appropriately. Then inserted the screw rivets. Very tight fit & actually hurt my thumb pressing them in, but they are very secure.

pics to follow in a day or two


Please note that I have not finished the securing of the
side fasteners so the gap you see is not because of
of the tail design, but rather my haste to get the pics up

I'll post some higher resolution pics & more info on the install
after I put the finishing details on it



Parts that needed to be cut away



Original pre-install pics