ROGUE Undertails Page

Brand: Dussault (Graphic Art Moto Design)
Price: $339
Install time: 1 hour 15minutes
For more install info & pictures click on the picture above or
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Brand: Ermax Undertray (same as ones sold by Pyramid Plastics & Carbotex)
Purchased from: Frogspecialties
Price: $220 (introductory, now sell for $299)
Install time: 2.5hrs + 5hrs of custom tailight work
For more install and custom work info visit


QB carbon underware
$150. from a .net bro.(waiting on actual price from vendor)
Rem fender and carve and recarve and trim
Had trouble lining up tail with cover. too wide a mounting boss on my HMF hangars was part of the problem.

Uses stock lamps. Front was too stiff, not a great fit there. Not the most aesthetically pleasing but do we not worship carbon?


Dussault stacked plexiglass undertail $339.95
More detailed pics of this unit can be viewed at:

Many other options with different lighting configurations are availble from the vendor at various prices Click here for more info


Topline brand (no additional details yet)