The most important weight is around the outer rim, this outer weight determines the gyroscopic effect (turning) and affects the brakes the most. So even though the overall weight may not appear to be a significant savings the performance aspect is still there due to less rotating mass on the outer most part of the rim.

Blackstone carbon fiber 4.85 lbs
Dymag carbon fiber 5.6 lbs
Dymag mag center carbon rim 7.8lbs
Hi Point forged aluminum 8.2lbs (unofficial weight)
Marchesini cast mag 7.7 lbs
Marchesini forged aluminum 8 lbs
Marchesini forged mag 7 lbs
Marvic Penta II 7.5 lbs
PVM cast mag 9 lbs
PVM forged aluminum 10 lbs
PVM forged mag 7 lbs
PVM Colorline 5 spoke two piece 14 lbs
OZ forged aluminum 7.75 lbs
Stock RC51 10.5 lbs
Blackstone ?
Dymag carbon fiber 13 lbs
Dymag mag center carbon rim 12.8 lbs
Hi Point forged aluminum 16.3 lbs (unofficial weight)
Marchesini cast mag 12.7 lbs
Marchesini forged aluminum 16 lbs
Marchesini forged mag 13 lbs
Marvic Penta II 13.6 lbs
PVM cast mag 14.25 lbs
PVM forged aluminum 17.75 lbs
PVM forged mag 12 lbs
PVM Colorline 5 spoke two piece 6.25" 25.5 lbs
OZ forged aluminum 16.5 lbs
Stock RC51 19 lbs


Blackstone Carbon Fiber


OZ Racing wheels

Marchesini Forged Magnesium


Marchesini Forged Aluminum


PVM Forged Magnesium Wheels


PVM Cast Magnesium Wheels


Marvic Penta 2 Cast Magnesium Wheels


Marvic Penta 1 Cast Magnesium Wheels



Marchesini Cast Magnesium Wheels


Dymag 5 Spoke Cast Magnesium Wheels


Dymag Carbon Fiber Rims/Magnesium Hubs


Dymag Full Carbon Fiber
image courtesy of Jack Van Voast

Hi Point Forged Aluminum
image courtesy of Randall Smalley

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