This project is in development and should be completed mid-season 2017

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We are bringing the latest & greatest TTX-GP Shock Technology to the RC51
Lots more info and explanations to come in the following months.

Iin the meantime I am just going to randomly be placing pics, data and files on this page and in this directory for my own reference. please don't read too much into it as this is a very fluid project currently and subject to change as we haven't even started track testing yet.


Original Shaft Extension

03/03/17 UPDATE:

Full day of testing nothing, but the Ohlins TTX-GP Shock on the RC51 with the linear link. Big shock (no pun intended) after not riding the old girl for about a year now and having just finished a weekend at Sears Point on the ZX-10R, but I fell back into old habits really quickly and after about a lap of shakedown I gripped it and ripped it.

It's truly badass. I have never had a problem with a set-up HO204 conventional shock that I have been using for almost 2 decades now on more RC51's than I can count, but this new design tested back to back really shows how far the TTX design has come. It does everything better. More control, more precision from the adjustments and best of all better compliance from the rear end especially when ringing its neck and believe me when I tell you I have never rode an RC51 harder than I have today. To be honest I was still 10 seconds off the lap record, but make no mistake that is moving right along on a 17 year old bike design up against 200hp BMW's and R1's etc especially with an old trackhack like me at the controls...

The best part is that several times during today's test I forgot I was working because I was having so much fun. The analog RC51 without a slipper clutch had me grinning from ear to ear. I was sideways quite a few times into some of the slower turns, but I always knew where the rear end was and how far it was going to go and I would be remiss to say that the old fat wallory pig did not put on a good show against a lot of modern bikes. I had several riders come up to me especially in the afternoon sessions to talk about how quick the old RC51 was moving. The more I abused it the more it just took in stride. I cannot say enough of how pleased I am with this new set-up.

That being said I think I can do better. I have some ideas for fine tuning it not the least of which is a lighter topout spring and maybe even one step stiffer on the Rebound Valve Spec. The TTX-GP valves have a very wide range of adjustment, but I would still like to be a little more centered in the sweet spot if I can get it there.

Everybody loves pics so I snapped a few for instagram and will repost them here. I did not get any video because I left the damn GoPro at home, sorry about that...

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