Just as a point of reference most stock RC51's make about 118-120 rwhp. Increases of 3-4 hp on top are common with decent cans & a Powercommander with a good map while increases of 8-10 hp have been seen with premium cans and an optimal map plus the soft-limiter removed, but what really seperates the can manfacturers are the ones that can get the most linear power curve. Some of the Exhausts like the Sato's & the Moriwaki low mounts combined with my custom maps have extremely linear power delivery as well as very broad & flat torque curves while other exhausts simply lack any real torque gains over stock & some even lose torque.

When viewing dyno charts keep in mind that dyno readings vary by geographic location & ambient conditions which make up the correction factor. Having said that you cannot compare one dyno reading to another unless they were both ran on the same dyno under identical conditions, even a 5 degree change in the air temperature can drastically affect the dyno reading let alone changes in barometric pressure & overall altitude where higher altitudes will always yield less power than runs made at sea level, however the power curves will remain constant even if the amount of horsepower is lower. In reviewing these charts you will be able to get a pretty good idea of what to expect in the way of power curves. You will notice that some cans provide more hp lower in the rev range while others give a greater topend boost.

Another note is that all dyno runs are without the aid of ram-air. This is especially important when looking at the Air to Fuel ratio charts as the values will become slightly leaner at speed.

Feel free to submit your dyno charts


Sato Slip-ons Page

Jardine 2-1 full system,

Erion 2-1 full system,

2 different charts on one page
Since these are in black & white I manually highlighted the second chart
down the page as a copy directly below the original.


HRC high compression pistons, PCII with the latest mapping,
ported and polished, Yosh full titanium exhaust.

from D.A. Brown

Moriwaki Full System: Tricky's Akra map VS Dynojet Akra map VS LDH REV5 map

dyno runs on the same bike

from EmDee (Mark DeGross)


Direct comparison of Two Brothers versus Moriwaki Slip-ons

dyno runs on the same bike

from Jack Van Voast


Two Brothers Slip-ons versus Stock

from Two Brothers Racing

These are great! it's the same bike on the same dyno with:

Arrow Slip-ons with Dynojet Arrow map
Moriwaki Slip-ons with Dynojet Mori map
Moriwaki Slip-ons with LDH Rev 5 Custom Mori map
3 dyno runs on the same bike

Torque Charts for the Arrow vs Moriwaki
Torque charts Arrow versus Moriwaki

from Mark Kitaoka

More Moriwaki comparison charts below

Mike Velasco Racing with PCII


Yoshimura Full System / PCII

Yoshimura Full System

from D. Macfarlane

Yoshimura Slip-ons in the following 3 configs.

Base -  All stock
Mod - Yosh race slip-ons, PCII (with DJs 003 map), jumper
004 - same as above but with DJ's 004 map adding 4 degree of advance

Yoshimura Slip-ons Excellent comparisons

from Eric Harper

Arrow hp curves for full system, slip-on & stock

SP1 + Promotive + PCII

Moriwaki slip-on dyno charts

Moriwaki ChartsMoriwaki Charts from individual owner

from Moriwaki from Nick Mitchell

Moriwaki Charts from individual ownerMoriwaki Charts from individual owner

stock vs PCII PCII & LDH map

Moriwaki Charts from individual owner
from Mori222 with PCII & LDH map


Moriwaki Charts from individual owner
From JVV with PCII, dynojet versus LDH map (no advance)


Promotive Slip-on charts for HP & Torque on a PCII equipped SP1

SP1 + Promotive + PCII
from David Parsons


Micron Full System

Micron Full System


Erion slip-on dyno charts

erion charts


Two Brothers slip-on dyno charts

Two brothers charts
(notice that this isn't even a real dyno chart but a generated spreadsheet graph...)

Two brothers map vs np map comparison
TBR hi mount map vs no map from JVV

Akrapovic Full System

Full Akrapovic with PCII
from Randall Smalley with PCII

2000 basic racer bone stock

2000 SP1 basic racer without PCII

Full Akrapovic with PCII on an SP1
SP1 w/ Custom PCII map


LeoVinci slip-on dyno charts

Leo Race Slip-onss
Leo Vinci Ti low mount slip-ons
PCII with Sato8 Map
Flapper Mod
Air Filter Mod
Rev Limiter Mod 

from "01RC51"


Leo Street ChartsLeo Race Charts

street slip-ons race slip-ons

Jardine slip-on dyno charts for hp & torque

Jardine charts


Mig hi mount slip-on charts for hp & torque

Mig Charts


Blue Flame slip-on charts for hp & torque

Blue Flame Charts


Blue Flame Charts
submitted by CPShoesaver


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