Sato rearsets

$495 available from Kyle Racing

Machined from billet & utilizing bearings instead of bushings these look to be very promising for durability & function

available in Silver, Black & Gold

Optional reverse shift linkage is also available



Extremely sturdy & well built (you could hang your RC51 upside down from these things!
Spare parts readily available
available in Black,
Silver & Gold
Ball bearings instead of bushings for the joints
7 way adjustable up to 20mm back & 30mm up
Anodised exhaust hangar extension as well as optional spacers for those people that don't require the hangar extension
Spare parts readily available
Pressure sensor brake light switch included in the kit as it does not have provisions for the OEM brake light switch, works great & super easy to instal (see pics below)

Instructions are kinda vague and are without the aid of pictures or graphics.

Comments: These rearsets will be the last set I test & review as I have no intention of removing them from my bike. They are exactly they way I think a rearset should be; Sturdy, adjustable, very good looking & above everything else 100% functional. The bearings offer a super smooth shift action & will no doubt last longer than the bike will... Oh & spare parts are just a phone call away incase you have an agricultural experience!


Just a note: Sato has changed the color of their gold finish from the dull gold you see below to the shiny one above



Arrow adjustable rearsets & fixed rearsets

available in Anthracite (blue) & Silver

$210-$350 depending on the dealer & model (fixed or adjustable)


Excellent pricing for the budget minded
Exhaust hangar brackets (plastic,but at least they were there)
Very unique looking
Super lightweightt

No provision for OEM brake light sensor or return spring
Extreme flex in the brakeside rearset allows the mastercylinder bolt to scratch the swingarm
No instructions

Comments: These rearsets are not as high quality as I thought they should be considering Arrows past track record. They flex so badly that the eyelet bolt on the master cylinder is actually ground into my swingarm as the swingarm traveled up & down leaving a nasty looking bright silver scar on my black swingarm & even after Arrow was informed of the problem they did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation.


Gilles Rearsets


$365 available from

available in Titanium finish or Gold


Decent pricing
Shipping time just as promised
Every part (nut, washer,bolt etc...) was included & catalogged
Easy to read instructions & easy to install
Provisions for the OEM brake light sensor
Have removable anodised exhaust hangar extensions
They look like a supermodel absolutely gorgeous
Fairly lightweight

Getting replacement parts is not an easy task in most cases
Allen head fasteners are soft like butter & can be easily stripped even at recommended torque
Some flex is present & gets worse the farther back you set them (more leverage)
Even in the middle position the brake side rearset can flex enough to rub the mastercylinder
pin into the swingarm as the swingarm travels up & down leaving a nasty scar.
Carbon fiber is not of very high quality, but it will suffice

Comments: Even though these do have some flex & could cause some unsightly blemishes on the swingarm they are still much better than the Arrows I had previously tested. Overall I find them to be a very good set of rearsets especially for the price & if you are looking to be unique they will definitely be worth looking into, however I would not recommend them if you intend on moving the rearsets to the far back positions.

2nd write up: The Importer I bought them from (StreetNTrack) was very concerned with my satisfaction & even without direct contact from me, took my review straight to the manufacturer (ya gotta respect that kind of service). They responded that if I were to rotate the retainer pin 180 degrees (an engineer I am not LOL) that it would increase the distance between the pin & the swingarm & it does, which helps alleviate the rubbing condition that can occur when the right side rearset flexes under load, however when the rearsets are placed in the most rearward position the clearance is still to slim to keep the retainer pin from hitting the swingarm when weighted with your foot. Other options are being reviewed by the manufacturer & I'll report back what I learn.

I want to stress that although this is an issue these are still some very fine rearsets as well as a new product & the diligence of both the retailer & the manufacturer is worthy of noting.

click here for a couple more installed pics

Gilles gold rearsets for the Hayabusa


Moriwaki adjustable rearsets

Premium rearsets from a company well known for their products.
Precision machined & very sturdy. An excellent product, but getting replacement parts can be a hassle.

Available in Silver only


Harris Rearsets

available in Silver & Gold


Pro-Tek Rearsets