Honda Fuel Pressure Regulator

OEM Battery
Yuasa YTZ12S

Honda OEM Oil Filter
15410-MCJ-000    OIL FILTER RC51'2001 (and CBR929RR'2000-2001)
15410-MT7-003    OIL FILTER RC51'2000 (and RC45)

Honda OEM Reverse shift lever (GP Pattern)
24701-MAT-000    SHIFT, GEAR PEDAL
24781-KR3-770    RUBBER, SHIFT PEDAL

RC51 Service Manual (order from 888-292-5393)
61MCF00 2000 model
61MCF01 2001/2000 model (it's the exact same manual as the 2000 with a different label on it)

Spark Plugs
FR9BI-11 (00-01 NGK)
IK27C11 (00-01 NIPPON DENSO)
IFR9H11 (02-03 NGK) 31919-MEB-671
IK27PRZ11 (02-03 NIPPON DENSO) 31919-MEB-672

Honda OEM Air Filters
17235-MCF-000 (00-01)
17235-MCF-A20 (02-03 Left filter)
17235-MCF-D30 (02-03 Right filter)

Honda Brake Pads
06455-MCF-006 Standard OEM Pads
45105-NL3-621 HRC Kit Pads (more initial bite & preferred by most riders)
45106-NL3-621 HRC Kit Pads (less initial bite)

Honda OEM Clutch Plates
Fibers 22201-MAT-000 DISK A (use 2)
Fibers 22201-MAT-E00 (use 5)
Steels 22321-MAT-000 (use 6)

Barnett Clutch part#'s
Fibers K-900K (use 7)
Steels HP-27-20 (use 6)
Springs MT-96-6

Honda OEM Crush Washers
Fuel line tank crush washer 90428-PD6-003 (use 2)
Oil drain plug crush washer 94109-12000

Honda OEM Gaskets
Clutch cover gasket 11356-MCF-000

Honda UK Tall Screen
Screen 08R80-MCF-800
Decal "Honda" 64224-MCF-00ZA