Here is the wiring diagram to remove the stock Ignition Switch using the Kill Switch to provide power. This modification is intended for race track use only. Making this modification is done at your own risk. You accept full responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of making this modification.

The modification is simple but this should help speed up the process. This modification is not recommended if you are going to use the headlight. 


The stock ignition/key switch is removed from the circuit. Remove the 3pin white connector body for use with the kill switch wires. The spade pins inside the connector body can be easily removed using a small pick to depress the locking tang. Remove each wire individually.

The original switch assembly wire harness and 9 pin red connector are maintained. Two wires, black, and black w/white, are removed from the original 9 pin red connector and placed into the 3 pin white connector that was removed from the original ignition switch. Large spade pins are used to connect to the stock mating receptacle.

The white/black and black wires from the stock main harness are jumpered simply by removing them from the 9 pin red connector and connecting them together.

Original Honda connectors and spade lugs are used to insure high quality connections.