squid (skwid)
n., pl. squids or squid.

Any of various neanderthal sportbike owners that ride carelessly & use poor judgement, consistently demonstrating a lack of common sense & similar to the motions of a real squid they are fast then slow, fast then slow (Fast in the straights & slow in the twisties...).

pos·er (pozr) n.

A Sportbike rider who habitually pretends to be something he is not and only care about how they appear to the public as their bikes are nothing more than props to get them noticed by girls or even teenage boys which they want to impress with fictional tales of all the hardcore riding they do.

Neither care about the sport of motorcycling, they just want some byproduct of it.


Boot & Helmet Disease

The condition forces you to make intelligent decisions concerning proper riding apparrel which typically results in wearing of a helmet & boots for added protection when motorcycling. Other side effects are gloves & in severe cases Full leather riding suits!

It is also been discovered that the disease puts you at an increased risk of using your turn signal & retaining the mirrors on your bike!

Note: Some Suzuki riders are susceptible to RSD (Rare Suzuki Disorder) in which an unusual pairing has taken place between an intelligent/responsible rider & a Suzuki motorcycle. Not really all that unusual, but there are very very few cases reported in subjects under the age of 30