Tenthirtyone's eyebrow light instructions


Okay, go to Radio Shack and purchase:

#272-360 Mini Screw Lamp Base

#272-1134 Screw Base Lamps - 14v 200ma

#64-3025 Vinyl Grommets (31)

Some small (20ga) auto hookup wire

1- Drill a small hole (approx 1/8") as a starter in the socket where the lamps go. It looks like a tiny hex bolt, but its just molded plastic. You need to go in at a slight angle because of the bars. This is okay, because the lamp and base assy. is kinda long, and it puts it right where it needs to be in the reflector.

2- Now drill a 7/16" hole. Try not to get the shavings in the lamp, I don't know how to get them out without major disassembly.

3- Test fit one of the larger grommets on one of the lamp bases and use one that is snug (usually the 1/2" size).

4- Now remove the grommet from the lamp an put the grommet in the 7/16" hole and use the back of the drill bit to work it around in the hole and get it to seat. It should be mostly round when you're done.

5- Unhook the headlamps and untape the wiring assy. I hooked mine to the low beam wire (the lamp on the left). This means they're on all the time. The combined draw of 400ma won't affect the circuit. I used solder and heat shrink tape (both avail. at RadioShack) to make the tap in. Give yourself enough to run to each lamp, and a little slack due to the high vibration area. now tape up the assy as it originally was and tape up your leads, too.

6- Put some heat shrink on the leads and solder them to your mini-lamps. These particular lamps have mounting brackets so you can use pliers to remove and insert them to prevent damage to the lamp base itself.

7- Screw in your bulbs and turn on the ignition, both should lite, if not check the bulbs and the connections.

8- Finally slide the bulbs carefully through the grommet, it will fit snugly, but not too tight. When installed the assembly sits with the grommet at the bottom of the bulb and the top of the base. It will not fall out, or go in farther. No light leaks from the back and it looks factory from the front, and okay from the back.

Good luck and enjoy. I have picures but no web site. The only problem I can see now is that the bulbs only have a 30 hour life. It could be a frequent replace item.