Perfectly mint 1990 True American Made
HM Strat with the OEM Floyd Rose trem (not the Kahler copy)

I have added custom pups & switches, but have retained all the stock gear in the event I ever decide to make it look 100% original again.


2011 Les Paul Studio



A gift from the wife


This was a long time coming... After literally 6 or so years I finally had those new pups
installed in the old Heartfield. Strangely enough it really didn't change much of the tone



MIM Stratocaster


current rack, old school is the new cool :-)




the twin a 1989 MIJ HM strat almost identical to my MIA HM (above)
It's got a few nicks, but at least I won't worry about dingin it like I do my perfectly mint one.


My new Blue LED Starrswitch (truly one of a kind as I had it made just for me with the blue leds) I'm going to take the original red one & put it in the HM strat I bought yesterday (01/12/01 pictured above) that is 100% identical to this one even down to the Floyd Rose trem & lettering on the headstock.

For more in the StarrSwitch visit their website





Heartfield by Fender Talon I just picked up on Ebay

a little something to have installed in the talon sometime soon



& my F310-12


Other People's HM strats & a little bit of info

The HM strats were made from 86-92 & came in 5 different pick-up
configurations & two different models with different headstocks & bodies, as
can be seen in the promo page link below

The pup configs were:

single humbucker only
dual humbuckers
H/ tilted S + tele pickguard (very rare & very ugly)
click here to view an example
& the most common H/S/S (just like my personal HM's at the top of the page)

Note: There are both MIA & MIJ models wearing "Made in USA" neck plates &
both with Kahler & Floyd Rose trems depending on the year of production.


rare HM strat promo page from1992


Two different types of font on the standard headstock


Here is an example of the other version on the 22 fret models


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