Disclaimer: While this mod has been deemed a "good" mod by many who have done it, it has never been proven on the dyno to be beneficial, furthermore true flow testing of the OEM filters has shown that the stock filters completely intact already flow more than enough air for the motor to be optimal even at redline click here for more info

Additonally it should be pointed out that if so much as a single one of those little wires comes off the air filter and gets sucked down the throttle bodies that it could cause irreparable harm to the cylinder walls in the form of scoring therefore in my opinion this particular mod is not a safe or smart mod to do to your OEM Filters

(most people miss the thumbs down sign on the mods page)


This guide will show you how to modify your stock air filters for slightly better flow.
First, remove the rider seat and then remove the fuel tank front mounting bolts and washers.
While slightly expanding the front of the seat cowl, raise the front of the fuel tank and support it with the extension and pin spanner in the tool kit (or use a block of wood at the back of the airbox.)
Disconnect the air temperature sensor connector. Remove the seven screws, washers, air cleaner rubbers and cover.
Next remove the rear velocity stack (Figure 1). Once the velocity stack is out we can remove the air filters, starting with the left.

Now that the air filters are free, we can get to cuttin'. Use a Dremel (or equivalent tool) with a cut-off wheel to remove the fine wire mesh from around the air filters by cutting along the edge of the mesh (Figure 2). You will also have to cut the tack welding where the mesh begins. The mesh is wrapped around the filters two times.


  Your finished product should look like the air filter on the left (Figure 3). Once you've removed the mesh from both filters, reinstall the filters in the opposite order they were removed. This would also be a good time to remove all the rubber pads that are stuck to the sides and top of the airbox (if you want to reduce a little weight.)
Now reassemble the bike and you're done.

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