About Us

Rogue was created by and for a group of motorcycle enthusiasts brought together in message forums on the internet while waiting to take delivery of their new 2000 model RC51\SP1 Honda motorcycle.

Our Goal is to compile & distribute beneficial information about this wonderful new motorcycle as well as to help preserve & promote interest in the sport of motorcycling & motorcycle safety.

What started out as a thread on a forum soon became a reality as many of the forum members showed their support & contributed to the design of the new owners group.


Preliminary by-laws & code of conduct for members

To limit unwanted junk mail (spam) the only correspondence you should receive from / or pertaining to the group would be from me personally unless other members should "reply to all" for a comment. The majority of business will be conducted in the forum.

The post forum on our new site will be moderated by myself & others that I will appoint in due time. As mentioned earlier the forum will be accessed by password only to keep out wayward posters.

As we are all adults & in this for the same reason, I would like to think that you may express yourself in any way you see fit. Many of us use some colorful metaphors in everyday speech & I want everyone to feel free to be themselves on this forum without fear of reproach from fellow posters. However I would ask that you keep topics of religion, ethnic comments, innuendoes & references out of the forum.

Tangents are welcome at all times under any topic as I am sure that all of you are capable of deciding what & when they are appropriate and\or neccessary.

Our members will be dedicated & committed to gathering & dispersing information about the RC51 to be used to the advantage of the group.

We will strive both individually and as a group to enlighten & educate ourselves and the public on issues of recreational motorcycling, racing & safety.

This is only the beginning of what I intend for us to accomplish. Please submit your responses on other ideas for the group via email directly to me & I will post them on a site to be voted on.


The Rogue Forum Rules

All of you are either members of ROGUE, approved retailers or an advisor that I personally trust so I must assume that everyone is here with the intention of contributing to the good of the group in a positive manner.

That does not mean I don't want some controversy & arguements in the forums, but I do want all correspondence to remain civil.

1. Title your posts accordingly! If you want to post about Erion Exhaust cans then call it "Erion exhaust question" or Erion something etc... Don't title it "question for you guys" or "have you seen this?" Posts of this type will end up being deleted.

2. Anyone deliberately antagonising or provoking other members will have his/her membership revoked without recourse.

3. Anyone making personal threats to another member will be banned immediately.

4. Explicit language used in a defamatory manner will be evaluated, by myself and/or moderators I appoint, for content & could result in membership revocation after one warning.

4a. Other members of the forum are encouraged to notify me via e-mail if they deem any thread inappropriate for the group.

5. Anybody found allowing their user LOGON & PASSWORD to be used by ANYONE else to access the forums will have their membership revoked without recourse & yes we do check IP addresses.

5a. Anyone using their access to retrieve information to be used against or to discredit or defame the ROGUE organization, any member of, any constituent or sponsor in any way will have their membership revoked without recourse.

6. As this is a closed forum I see no reason why you cannot express your true feelings about any company, agency, business etc... However, if legal action is taken by any such company I will follow all laws applicable to the issues of revealing identity of the poster(s) as well as turning over transcripts of the forum.

NOTE: The feasability of incurring legal action in a closed forum is slim at best, but could happen especially in this sue happy day & age. Of course as long as we all follow rule #4 there probably won't be anything to worry about.

7. It's ok to cross reference information between threads, but if you jump in a duplicate a thread that is already in discussion then don't be surprised to find that your thread has been deleted.

7a. There is a search function that is extremely easy to use with great results available on the forum.

8. Threads & pics posted solely for humorous reasons or are non-rc51 related including dialogues between individual members or posts for saying thanks to another member for services or parts rendered etc.. will be temporarily left for everyone to view, but will eventually be deleted to keep the topics streamlined & RC51 oriented.

9. No Commercial postings allowed unless you are a site approved retailer. Violation of this rule will get you banned. The classifieds section is for personal RC51/SP related items only.

9a. Do not start a post to inform other members that someone is selling some item on Ebay! If the members want to know this they would be on Ebay instead of this forum.

10. No group buys! The only members allowed to offer group buy deals are the site approved retailers & they must be either the distributor or sole retailer of the product being offered.

11. If you have an RC51 related question for me, please post it in the forum instead of e-mailing me. Chances are someone else has a similar question, plus you can get more answers than just mine.

12. No discussions or tangents of synthetic versus conventional oils or chain lubes allowed!

13. Use the categories for their intended topics. Posts placed in inappropriate categories will be deleted on sight.

14. DO NOT POST RACE RESULTS in the subject line of any thread & only post threads of that nature in the "racing forum". Just because you have seen the race doesn't mean everyone else has as we are all on different TV coverage schedules all over the world etc & we do not want to spoil the ending for people that enjoy the suspense of not knowing who's going to win. This is really nothing more than common courtesy & consideration for others so if you break this rule twice your membership will be revoked.

15. When you register you must use your real name in the "required" field. This is to help insure that we are all on the same level & to remind us that we shold be respectful of each other just as if we were standing face to face. Being that this is a mature forum this should not be a problem with anyone here if it is I don't want you to be a part of this forum so if at any time you alter this to remove or replace your real full name, you will be banned from the forum.

16. Don't make me have to write any more damn rules.

NOTE: Thread & message deletions occur for numerous reasons: Some simply because they are not RC51 related or they have become stagnant with no more page views others because they are not in the right category or titled appropriately & some are simply inappropriate for this type of forum. Wednesday's have traditionally been the day that clean-up, discards & reorganization takes place, but it can happen at any given time.


Business Owners, Retailers/Distributors & Reps must be approved by the forum ADMINISTRATORS PRIOR to offering any items or services for sale & will be asked to use the “Merchants Corner” for posting info & prices for such items. The Forum Fee for allowing Merchants to offer items or services for sale is $125 for a 3 month venue. This fee gives the merchant the right to post items for sale in the dedicated areas of the forum as well as place an ad on the "For Sale" page of the main rc51.org site.

The main forum is to be used for answering specific questions & feedback about products or any other insight you might have, but pricing & promotions stay in the “Merchants Corner”

All Rules are subject to change without notice

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